A.P.C's creation came from Jean Touitou in 1989, a time when ostentatious fashion was trending heavily in Paris - it was through this craze that Jean stood in defiance with his creative work contrasting the fads. The brand's trademark aesthetic was built around the beauty of simplicity where required and bold prints where needed. It was this fine balance that never tipped the brand to one side of the spectrum, ensuring that their high-quality garments never fell behind the times and managed to retain its timeless qualities. Renowned for its simplistic qualities, A.P.C's products enforced the idea of letting the consumer wear the clothes, as opposed to the garments over-shadowing the wearer. This idea of understated, minimal branding items was a driving force for clean outfit layering and crisp standalone wear, providing the consumer with an effortlessly sharp look for any scenario. Playing between the realm of finely tailored high-quality garments and casual wardrobe staples, the brand have managed to curate consistent collections each season for easy wear. Reinstating an important message that premium wear can incorporate basics... something many brands have tried to replicate since.