Aquascutum's beginnings derive from John Emary's original business venture in 1851, Mayfair Tailors. It was only 2 years after opening, that John patented the first waterproof textile; reinforcing their ethos of striving for technical innovation and fine craftsmanship. This important moment that led to the renaming of the brand, which translates as 'water shield' from Latin. From this point, the brand's involvement in pivotal moments and cultures rapidly grew, beginning with the first royal order from King Edward VII. In 1897, a royal warrant was received for continuous production for the royal family; this was the beginning of a long patronage between the brand and the monarchy. After the brand began creating womenswear, they became a staple piece of outerwear for the suffragettes. This was followed by the development of the first trench coat during WW1 (1914); and due to its technological properties, it was used as the British military's choice of garment for both of the World Wars. With a product that maintained a clean aesthetic with premium quality and practicality, it was no surprise that their trademark coats transformed into an integral part of British fashion. Decades passed and more innovations were brought to life, one of them being their iconic high-tech cotton and nylon blend, which was used for Edmund Hilary's adventure up Mount Everest in 1953; this Wyncol fabric was then utilised as part of their stock for products in-store. Their most notable achievement is most definitely the creation of Aqua Five, an achievement that was hailed as the "greatest technical advance in rainwear". It was these accomplishments that earned the brand the Queen's award for export achievement in 1966, marking an increase in international exposure and global success. From strength to strength, Aquascutum's 125th anniversary saw their story publicised in Vogue, and was then followed in the decade after by the provision of garments for the Prime Minister John Major and Baroness Thatcher. In more recents times, the brand was elected as the official supply of the 1996 Great British Olympic team's uniform. Aquascutum's rich history is more than enough reasoning for their reputation in the history as household giants. With numerous occasions of the brand providing their garments to important figures in history, there's a clear reason the level of craftsmanship and technology is used over and over again.

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