Belstaff's journey starts before the brand had even been conceived, with the start of the 20th century seeing the birth of what would be iconic motorcycle racing events. Three notable occasions would be: the very first Isle of Man Tourist Trophy Race (TT), the Banked Circuit at Brooklands and the debut of the Scottish Six Days Trial, the event that would be the planting of the seed of what was to come. From these races, it was evident that the attire worn for the gruelling events were not sufficient in protection from the chemicals and forces of nature when racing. It just so happened that in 1909, Eli Belovitch would start up business in Middleton, Staffordshire with the craft of dealing with reclaimed fabrics and rubber goods. It was 5 years later that Eli came through the ranks with business, as the demand for waterproofed garments sky-rocketed due to the terrible conditions seen during WW1. Many races followed after the war and demand increased for more practicality within motorcycle gear, going hand-in-hand with the previous need for weather-resistant garments for the military. From here, Eli partnered up with his son-in-law, Harry Grosberg, to form Belstaff. Based near Stoke-on-Trent, Belstaff begin producing water-proofed garments for both men and women, but with a focus on motorcycling purposes. It didn't peak here for the company's desire to produce practical garments, it only evolved from here on out, as Grosberg's passion for innovative fabrics led to his vast search across Europe and Asia for cutting edge technology and techniques to utilise within the brand's products, building a foundation for Belstaff's standard. It was from these extensive searches that the company became the first in the world to use Egyptian waxed cotton, a fabric that offered waterproofing, while also retaining breathability. What followed next was an Army, Navy and General Store that included their first logo-branded ready-to-wear garments, alongside a trademark of their brand. During its short time before it closes, Belstaff produces premium competition coats in homage to the Blue Riband event at the Isle of Man TT, provides reliable wear for both Amy Johnson and Amelia Earhart. Due to these factors, the brand grew exponentially in its field of practical wear, especially amongst those who utilised its properties most. After these incredible feats during its relatively short span of business, the brand went on to create aviation jackets for military troops during WW2, can be seen sported by more sporting giants, improves the wear needed for more gruelling motorcycle races and much more. Today, Belstaff is well established as an industry giant when it comes to the durability of their garments. With their range expanding into more modern silhouettes and fabrics, the brand has moved with the times without relinquishing its rich heritage and identity.

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