Where do I start with a brand like this? Imagine Mother Teresa and Bob Geldof had a lovechild, except that lovechild was a business that gave socks to homeless people instead of making music videos. Founded by Ed Vickers, Jollie's credible story has preceded any expectations of what you think could be possible with sock production, and that's down to the organic ethos that the brand upholds. Originating from Ed's history of witnessing homeless people around the area of his University, he took it upon himself to volunteer at the local shelter. From there, he was exposed to the concerning shortage of sock provision for the homeless. It was at this point that he decided to gather socks for the shelter to increase the quantity at disposal, with the understanding that socks are much more vital than expected for someone walking the streets day and night. One thing led to another and eventually Ed focused his attention to crafting a sock brand that used a core value of putting others before himself, as each purchase of a sock results in a pair donated to a shelter that's local to the retailer. On top of that, he's beginning an apprenticeship scheme that enables homeless people to enter a job at the warehouse packing the items; offering them the opportunity to exit that life and enter into one that is much more beneficial.

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