Le Coq Sportif

An iconic brand that began in 1882, Le Coq Sportif originated from Romilly-sur-Siene, in a part of the Champagne region called the Aube. The creator Emile Camuset was a lover of athletic garments, hence the direct influence of sportswear in the brand's current pieces. It was in 1939 that the, at that time, diversified brand Le Coq Sportif introduced the first sweatsuit - also dubbed by the French as 'The Sunday Uniform'. An iconic piece of clothing that bridged the gap between athletic wear and casual wear; something that is now popularised in modern apparel. It was throughout time the brand become even more synonymous with sport, as they began providing the official jerseys for the Tour de France in 1951; and also in 1958, the French national football team endure their best performance at that time by finishing third in the world come, and of course they were clad in Le Coq Sportif attire. It became a progression of multiple sports and multiple countries wearing the brand's pieces, ranging from the Olympics to the Wimbledon. A brand that has had a pivotal role in sportswear fashion, it has now cemented itself as a pioneer in the industry. A factor that has led to international recognition, and the re-release of contemporary designs in their modern lines.

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