Putting our environment and fashion at the forefront of everything, Liquiproof provides non-toxic and safe to use cleaning, refreshing and protective solutions for a variety of fabric types. With strong London roots, Liquiproof creates eco-friendly solutions that do not affect the appearance or functionality of your fashion items. With a strong history in protection of suede, leather and canvas shoes, Liquiproof have expanded to offer protection and cleaning solutions for your favourite handbags and clothing as well. Pair this with the thoroughly researched and chosen Microfibre cloths and Premium Fibre brushes, and you’ll be well on your way to a well-cleaned and well-protected wardrobe. The Priory are proud to offer a range of non-hazardous Liquiproof products, from the protective solution for your favourite leather jacket right to a premium fresher spray to keep your favourite suede shoes smelling as fresh as ever.

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