Riz's ethos is to ensure all of their products feature sustainable fabrics in aid of the current issue with waste across the world. By supporting the movement of minimising what has dumped in landfills and the sea, the brand has managed to sustain the environmentally friendly production without relinquishing the high-quality. Utilising a sartorial ethos, the refined cuts of the brand's shorts provide a clean fitting for a premium feel to swimwear. With previous experience in the design of swimwear for a number of global sports and fashion brands, co-founder Riz Smith had all the skills at his disposal ready for an alternative take on what was already in the market. This factor, accompanied by co-found Ali Murrell's recent trip sailing across the pacific ocean that highlighted the environmental crisis first hand, opened up a new approach to the swimwear market. By adopting an ethos that was relevant to the community they produced garments for, the scene was set for the beginning of a company that not only crafted high-quality garments, but also ensure eco-friendly factors were included.

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