Vans Pro Skate

Vans' track record of its involvement in pivotal cultural moments speaks volumes, as a mere showcase of what the brand has achieved since its inception in 1966. From the small orders made from locals around the original factory in Anaheim to the mass takeover seen in all branches of fashion, the brand has shot to stardom through features on infamous movie characters, actors, musicians... the list goes on. However, it was skater culture that really felt the impact of the rise of Vans, with the iconic side stripe on their recognisable Old Skool (Style 36) sky rocketing the brand - as well as the aftereffect of the stripe with other styles that followed. From the timeless aesthetic of their first signature skate shoe with Steve Caballero to their modern day collaboration works with skates such as Kyle Walker, the brand have not only mastered the craft of simplicity and sticking to the core of where they began, but they have also taken on board the importance of who they originally catered for - the skaters. So, with this in mind, Vans took it a step further and released their own Pro range that segmented their mainline product with skate specific product. With the incorporation of practical features such as UltraCush insoles, Duracap inserts and many more, the range set the standard for what would be the new age of skate specific footwear.

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