The Priory is a business built on the foundation of an attraction to refined designs and a Northern personality; beginning with merely one shop and a passion for gathering specific aesthetics to come together for a hybrid store of unique styles. Hailing from the coastal fishing town Bridlington in East Yorkshire, Priory has adopted the name from the town’s former locale of pilgrimage, Bridlington’s Priory Church and adopted a branding which reflects our addiction to consumption.

Priory has currently achieved 5 years of business with two shops open now, with the original store located on Manor St. and the newer shop located at Victoria Mill. With two shops at disposal, Priory have divided their contents as the Manor St. shop consists of streetwear, skatewear and novelty accessories, whereas the Mill contains premium menswear and accessories. Since the opening of the second shop in 2014, Priory has developed a refined ambience that is accentuated with the company of a barbers and a bar/coffee shop in the same vicinity of Victoria Mill - providing a well needed combination that hasn’t been seen before.

With previous experience in the industry and the evolution of the team collectively make a group of misfit individuals that all incorporate the idea of a common love of their hometown, and of course their respected fields of clothing, crafting drinks, and shaping up some of the finest trims Yorkshire has ever seen.

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