M.W.B Feature

October 23, 2017

We have been featured in the Menswear Buyer magazine which talks all about our store and about us. You can read it Online here:  

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Thee Reebok Club C

A brand whose story began in 1895, later resulted in an influence in multiple subculture narratives; as Reebok’s Club-C’s trademark style became the brand, and more specifically, the model of choice in each generation. An undoubtably iconic brand that has served the general public with pioneering designs and innovative features. With a rich history of […]

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Arc’Teryx – Staff Training

The other day we were graced with a visit from Arc’teryx’s sales rep for the U.K, Jim Tomley, for a training session on the basis of the brand’s products and also on the particular pieces we stock. We started with Jim explaining the origin story of the brand, starting with its initial purpose of producing […]

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Son of Dave Party

Priory x Lee 101 – The Party

As you may know, we recently celebrated our 5th birthday party, and in an ode to success and prosperity we did what anyone else would do… Party till we couldn’t anymore. After a period of planning, the end result was a spectacle to be seen, as it most definitely did not disappoint. The party celebrated […]

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Lee Ladwa

Priory x Lee 101 – Archive

We recently received a box from Lee that consisted of archived Lee products, original pieces that showcase the beginning of the Rider collection; craftsmanship that later became a vital product line in the development of the brand: The brand Lee boasts a rich history that originated from humble beginnings when Henry David Lee established H.D. Lee Mercantile. Due to […]

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Priory X Lee 101 – Interview Damien Ladwa

Mr Ladwa, I’d just to like to say thank you for coming in. Anything you say in this meeting won’t be confidential and will definitely get shared to everyone who cares to read it. It’s been a while since you were last up. Hopefully this time is just as eventful as last time. How are […]

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