England Vs Tunisia

June 21, 2018

As the World Cup frenzy has begun, England’s first match really set the tone for us all across the country – being that it’s been 4 years since we’ve seen any action from us in the biggest sporting competition in the world.

Unfortunately we’ve not had much hope with recent efforts in global competitions, however, this hasn’t stopped us getting in a right good jolly mood when we start out in these sporting occasions – even though there isn’t much hope for us winning, but we can always dream…

Anyhow, we had collaborated with Jacket Required to make our first match of the World Cup a grandiose of English support. With backing from Soccer Bible and the guys over at Innis and Gun beer, we were set up with a recipe for a good night. There were beers aplenty for our visitors to tuck into for the duration of our night, and of course some tweaks in our interior for optimum viewing. A projector and a large TV were suffice, making for a great spot to view the action no matter where you were in the shop.













As the match ensued, it was safe to say that the atmosphere was pretty relaxed, that was until the we scored and the building took a beating with us all jumping around; but as daft as it may be, it’s a perfect example of how happy we get when we win, even if it is just Tunisia…




The night was a success overall and we’re all happy we walked away with a win, but we’d like to give a massive thank you to the team over at Jacket Required, Innis and Gun and Soccer Bible for helping us throw a belting event to start off our World Cup journey.

It’s coming home!