Laboratory Perfumes

October 5, 2018

It’s no news that our dear friends over at Laboratory Perfumes have been providing us with their trademark scents for quite some time now. As a long serving brand over here at the Priory, it only seems right that we take a look into the fragrances that they offer us, as well as the transition of season that’s currently occurring. As it may sound strange to those that don’t do it, changing fragrances in accordance to the season is something that offers a refreshing take on your day-to-day routine and grooming.





Even though your outfits seem more important when changing through the differing times of the year, the scent that follows is what people really remember. As much as I used to stick to one scent because it’s the easiest thing for us all to do, in recent times, i’ve taken it upon myself to make more effort to the way my fragrance can showcase a particular identity. By doing so, i’ve opened my mind to the stories of each scent that the brand offers. Each of which give a subtle insight to the personality of a great brand like Laboratory Perfumes.

From the five scents to choose from, the collection personifies the story of the man behind them all, Mr Aaron Firth. Utilising his own personal experiences to curate a list of fragrances, Aaron has managed to build varied options of notes that accumulate to a unique purpose – offering evolving scents throughout the day.




It didn’t just stop at the perfumes, as candles helped branch out his roster to take his story further, as well as integrating into your home. With all five options crossing over in both avenues, the brand have broke through into the market with true passion and a trademark personality that is enhanced through the use of a new method to make perfume, the old-fashioned way (I know… it’s an interesting paradox).




To put the cherry on top, the brand enforce the ethos of providing product that ensure sustainability is included, baring in mind the damaging aspect of their industry. From animal and environmentally friendly production, Laboratory Perfumes support a cause that we fully get behind and are actively working alongside.