Oliver Spencer

Formed in 2002 by the man himself, Mr. Oliver Spencer, the seed for creativity was planted with his own personal frustrations with art school and an undeniable drive to stand alone in his work. From here, he decided to leave the conformity of education to work on a stall in Portabello Market, giving him the self-taught experience and love for garments and cloth, as well as shops and shopkeeping. Oli would go on to create the formalwear brand Favourbrook, showcasing to the levels of garment craftsmanship, allowing his range of knowledge to expand and ultimately lead to his own creativity to flow. It was from this specific range of products that Oli came to the realisation that he could expand on the products he was making, this is when a decade of work with Favourbrook turned into the creation of his new venture, his self-titled brand, Oliver Spencer. The ethos behind the brand was that high-quality didn't need to be formalwear and casualwear didn't need to be careless. From here, he blended the aspect of both to produce a high-quality menswear collection that offered a new perspective on what clothing could be in both the casual and premium sides of the spectrum. By withholding a consistently high standard, the brand seeks out the finest fabrics and yarns from artisanal British and Italian mills, while also ensuring all garments are created in the best European factories and workshops.